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Terms and Conditions

    1. Insurance and Coverage:

    • Crystal Movers all prices include GST and insurance.
    • Coverage of $50,000 for your goods in transit.
    • Public Liability coverage up to $5 million.
    • A $1000 fee applies if anything needs to be fixed or replaced by Crystal Movers.

    2. Heavy Items:

    • Items weighing more than 100 kilos require booking 3 movers.

    3. Bulky Items:

    • If items do not fit through doors or upstairs and the customer insists on moving them, Crystal Movers is not responsible for any resulting damage to the items or premises.

    4. Billiards, Pool table and Piano:

    • Billiards, Pool table and Piano are not included in the hourly rate, there are separate charges.

    5. Preparation of Items:

    • Shelves, drawers, washing machines, and fridges must be emptied before moving to prevent damage and facilitate the move. Crystal Movers is not responsible for any damage if these conditions are not met.

    6. Fragile and Delicate Items:

    • Ensure fragile and delicate items are properly packed. Crystal Movers can assist with packing if needed. Damage to improperly packed items is not the responsibility of Crystal Movers.

    7. Packing:

    • Pack all loose items in boxes to minimize costs and prevent damage.

    8. Overnight Storage:

    • Additional charges apply if goods are kept overnight in the truck.


  • Full Payment: Required on the move day upon job completion. Payment methods include Net Bank Transfer, Cash, and PayID (EFTPOS not available unless pre-arranged).
  • Country and Interstate Moves: Require a 50% deposit.
  • Cancellation policy: To cancel your booking should notify us 48 hours prior to the job, otherwise there will be $100 cancellation fee.
  • Deposit Policy: Once your job is confirmed, you should send us a minimum of $100 deposit which will deduct from total price at the end.
  • Toll Charges:
      >> M1 only $30 (Toorak to City)
      >> M1+M2 $50 (Toorak to Airport)
      >> M3 only $10-$25 (Frankston to Mullum Mullum tunnel)
  • Our Charges: Door to Door, our time starts at Pick up and Finishes at Drop off.

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